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Me being fancy with V8 Splash Apple Medley juice. No, it’s not wine. I’m not a huge wine drinker (only two I’ve actually liked, ask Vourteque for one of them), so I don’t see why I would have a glass of wine, anyway. 

On another note, I finally got Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare from the library. I’m too poor to actually buy books and it makes me sad… :( I’ve literally been waiting for four months for this book to get to me. I was number six out of eleven people who reserved it when I put a hold on it back in March. And now I have it!! :D

Well, I’m going to enjoy my fancy juice and book and watch danisnotonfire and amazingphil on Youtube. I love you all and have a wonderful Friday!! <3

P.S. To all of my friends who are at ConTemporal this weekend (yes, Tommy, this means you)… I HATE YOU ALL YOU’D BETTER TAKE A METRIC FUCKTON OF PICTURES FOR ME!!!!!!!!!